A nurse will ring you the day before scheduled surgery to confirm the time of your arrival and your pre-operative instructions. The call will usually be made in the afternoon or early evenings on the day before surgery. Usually between 4-7pm.


Do not take any Vitamin E, Nurofen or anti-inflammatories once booked for surgery and after surgery for two weeks. Do not take Aspirin or any medication which contains Aspirin for 10 days before and after your surgery. Please check the labels of any medications you take (even those available without a prescription) to make sure they do not contain aspirin (or acetyl salicylic acid). Please check our additional list. If you are not sure ask your doctor or pharmacist. Taking aspirin will increase your tendency to bleed at the time of surgery. Hormone replacement therapy should also be stopped one month before surgery if possible. You will be instructed when to restart it. Do not take any herbal medications unless approved by the clinic first.


  • Nothing to eat or drink AFTER MIDNIGHT. (Unless instructed by the nurse)
  • Shower and wash your face with mild soap, shampoo your hair. Remove all make-up.
  • Do not cream your face afterwards.
  • Remove all jewellery. Especially around the head and neck area.


Smokers should try to stop smoking from the time of the surgery booking.
Smoking irritates nasal passages and causes coughing which might bring
on a bleed several days after your operation. It is also a contraindication with General Anaesthesia. Smoking also slows healing due to a decreased blood supply to the operated area.  You will not be permitted to have your surgery if you continue to smoke.