• No make-up. This includes mascara as it may irritate the eyes if the eyes are taped. Make sure that all mascara is removed from the eyelashes and lid margins as the material can get into the scar and may permanently stain the scar if having eye surgery.
  • If wearing acrylic nails, please remove any one of these nails from the thumb on the left hand, before the day of surgery.
  • Nothing to eat or drink unless advised otherwise by the nursing staff. This includes Chewing gum and lozenges
  • Patients undergoing an abdominoplasty, facelift, breast reduction or liposculpture procedure are required to bring in a pair of in-flight knee high stockings on the morning of surgery.
  • Take your medications as prescribed. Check with the registered nurse and surgeon or the anaesthetist. It is a good idea to bring in any medication that you are taking.
  • Your post-operative medication, if required, will be given to you after arrival and ordered by the anaesthetist.
  • Plan to be at the Clinic at the time required. Entrance is in Court Road.
  • Please do not hesitate to call during regular office hours if you have further
  • questions about these instructions.
  • Do not take anything valuable to the Clinic.
  • Take something to relax you while you wait e.g. magazine, book, Walkman, Ipod.



  • On the day of surgery, wear loose fitting clothes which do not have to be put on over your head and low heel shoes. A track suit or yoga pants and slip on shoes are a very comfortable option for post operative attire. No pantyhose/tights.
  • Bring a scarf and sunglasses (except for rhinoplasty) to wear after your operation.
  • Contact lenses cannot be worn in the operating room, wear glasses.
  • Leave all valuables and jewellery at home. Although you will be provided with a locker or your clothing while you are in surgery, the Clinic cannot be responsible for any valuables or jewellery misplaced or lost.