About Our Facility

The majority of  cases that we perform at the Double Bay Day Surgery are currently plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries , including skin cancer, however other sub specialists including ophthalmic plastic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, otolaryngologists and skin cancer surgeons will find this facility not only convenient but appreciate the high standard of equipment and staff to facilitate their outpatient surgical procedures.


The Day Surgery has a separate entrance from the consulting rooms of the doctors which ensures that the privacy of our patients is maintained prior to, during and after their surgery.

Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities

The Double Bay Day Surgery is committed providing the highest standard of health possible and is accredited to The National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards as well as licensed by The NSW Department of Health.  Patients are encouraged to understand their rights and responsibilities as patients as outlined in  The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights.

Patient Care And Safety

Because the Double Bay Day Surgery provides operative procedures with specialist anaesthetists using either general anaesthesia and twilight anaesthesia you will need to have a responsible adult be your escort and pick you up from the facility post-operatively.  Your escort will be given instructions when they pick you up and they will be required to stay with you overnight either in your home or in local accommodation.  For certain procedures and for persons without an escort a private specialised overnight nurse can be arranged at extra charge.  This service is also excellent for patients seeking extra assurance and highly skilled one-on-one service.

Surgeons at the Double Bay Day Surgery also provide 24 hour on-call service to their patients in the immediate post-operative period so that patients feel supported.  The post-operative on-call details are provided to the patient and their escort at the time of admission and discharge.