About Our Facility

The majority of the cases that we perform at the Double Bay Day Surgery are currently Cosmetic and Restorative Plastic Surgeries, including skin cancer, however other sub specialists including ophthalmic plastic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, otolaryngologists and skin cancer surgeons will find this facility not only convenient but with a higher standard of equipment and staff to facilitate their outpatient surgical procedures.


The Day Surgery has a separate entrance from the consulting rooms of the doctors and you are guaranteed your privacy prior to, during and after your surgery.

Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities

The Double Bay Day Surgery is committed to the highest standard of health care to minimalise complications and problems for patients and copies of the Patients’ Hospital Charter and the Australian Charter of Health Care Rights explaining your rights and responsibilities are available at www.health.gov.au.  The Double Bay Day Surgery complies to the WHO Safety governance.

Patient Care And Safety

Because the Double Bay Day Surgery provides operative procedures with an anaesthesiologist for general anaesthesia and twilight anaesthesia you will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult who will be given instructions on your drop off and postoperative transportation either to a local facility or to your own home.  In certain operations the Double Bay Day Surgery provides your own specialised nurse to care for you in your home or if you are from a distance away the Double Bay Day Surgery will provide at an extra expense your own nurse highly skilled in postoperative management as a one-on-one service.  The Double Bay Day Surgery provides a 24 hour service for three days after your surgery for you to call if you have any questions regarding your operative procedure.  The number is 0411 871 131 and either a specialised nurse or surgeon will take your call and attempt to resolve your problem.  If you need to come to the surgery the surgery will be available for you and your surgeon or his staff will meet you at the Double Bay Day Surgery.

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